Anub’arak Hard Mode Down!

This is why we play the game. Fights like this, where progression is marked in stages, is what makes WoW raiding the best gaming experience out there. After a lot of work, a lot of stress, a lot of infighting, and a lot of sub 5% wipes, we finally nailed the encounter, and everyone remembered why it is we play this game.

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    Firefighter and Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 Man)

    This is the post I’ve been waiting to make. After all the hardships this guild’s been thru this past spring/summer. After our core made the decision to stick together and rebuild, this is the payoff that makes it worth it. We knew the challenges that were ahead of us, and we knew how hard it’d be to get here. These drakes aren’t just fast mounts that look cool, they’re a symbol of the dedication this guild has, and the ability to set difficult goals and achieve them. It’s proof that great guilds aren’t made overnight, but that they are possible with hard wok, dedication, and a belief that it’s worth it to keep going.

    A huge congrats to everyone involved. We waited a long time for this.

    One Light in the Darkness

    Frankly, we rocked this fight. After a few attempts on Monday, we entered an extended raid ID and one shot One Light. A few people did go insane, and some got brutalized sanity-wise, but we held it together and finished with time to spare. One more hard mode, and we’re riding our brand new drakes!

    Going Back: Knock Knock Knock on Wood

    Our mop-up quest continues…

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    Hard Mode Twin Valkyrs!

    Wow, this one tested us. The strategy we started with is nowhere near the strategy we ended with. We made a lot of changes, a lot of refinements, and failed many, many times. After an 8% wipe, we finally got it on a very clean killshot. We’re really proud of this one.


    We took entirely too long to get back to attempting this fight. Gear or not, this guy is intense. The damage output/healing/timing of it all is pretty tight. Good fun!

    Heroic Faction Champs!

    Well, that went better than expected. I think it was our third attempt at them that we got them? It’s actually a ridiculously easy fight, just takes time…

    Going Back: Thorim


    Going Back: Hodir

    Lolgear strikes again. Hodir one shot. We had done this on our previous server, but it’s nice to do it again.

    Going Back: Steelbreaker

    Now that we’ve solidified our core, Hold Fast is on a mission to go back and get the Ulduar Hard Modes. First up, Steelbreaker. After dealing with the Disconnect Boss, we stomped this guy with our lolgear. Still, good job to all.